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A “boutique" type snow management company serving the Chicagoland area. Available 24/7/365!

We work for some of our neighbors, our own village, local businesses, customers of our beautiful, family friendly Santa’s Village theme park and many more.
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Weather Monitoring

Keeping you and your property safe!

SV Enterprises monitors weather utilizing several subscription based weather services, which allows us to have trained meteorologists “on staff” and at our fingertips before, during, and after all events. 

We are constantly monitoring weather conditions, in real time. This allows us to plan all facets of our operation to provide the best possible service to our customers who are looking for us to keep their properties safe at every step of the way.

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Liquid Application

We strive to pave the way in becoming the areas only 100% free
of granular sodium chloride deicing company.

SV Enterprises currently operates a fleet of chemical application trucks. 

Our liquid application trucks range in size from 300 gallons to 1700 gallons, while our granular application trucks are able to carry from 4 tons to 13 tons and have liquid pre-wet systems to allow for faster melting and are able to deice to -35 degrees. We make our own brine in-house and have storage for up to 18,500 gallons at one time.

Depending upon weather conditions we are able to mix an environmentally safe additive into our brine to allow for effective deicing to -35 degrees. It also acts as a tackifier allowing the wet product to stay on the pavement and not run off. A corrosive inhibitor is the last major key component.

Our salt barn can hold up to 1000 tons at any given time. We store both regular rock salt and pretreated salt for faster melting and its more effective to lower temperatures. We monitor properties all season long for snow accumulation, ice buildup, black ice, thaw refreeze events, drifting and more.


Our Equipment

All equipment is owned by our company - NO subcontractors.

We utilize snow removal equipment which are hands down the most efficient and state-of-the-art in the industry. To utilize liquid chemicals we only use plows that have a true live edge. 

Live edge snow removal equipment allows our equipment to follow the contours of your pavement and obtain the cleanest scrape possible. This allows us to use deicing chemicals (both granular and liquid) in the most responsible and environmentally friendly way possible by using less of it.

We prefer to have our equipment placed on your site so we are ready to go when the flakes fly.

Even our sidewalk equipment is state-of-the-art and the most efficient in the industry. We are beginning to utilize liquids on sidewalks in most cases as to not allow harsh chemicals being tracked into your properties corroding revolving doors, escalators, elevators, even cutting the maintenance and upkeep on your flooring. Slip and falls are very expensive and insurance rates are skyrocketing. Let us help you keep those things in check with our premium services 

Premium Services

Our premium services include a chemical pretreatment on our customer’s properties before storms.

This service helps in allowing snow and ice from bonding with pavement. This helps our live edge plows obtain a nice clean scrape allowing less usage of chemicals helping us and our customers be a bit more environmentally responsible, especially when we are utilizing our deicing liquids. 

It also gives a bit more time for snow and ice to NOT accumulate keeping pavement from getting slippery and icing up.

Ice Snow Services

Our Snow Division History

Starting in 1995!

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Santa’s Village president, Jason Sierpien started Snowbiz Inc in 1995 as a commercial snow/ice management company after working for one of Chicagoland’s most well-known snow removal companies. By 2001 Jason and his team grew Snowbiz into a multimillion dollar company, servicing medium to large commercial properties including shopping malls, industrial complexes, office buildings, trucking terminals, school districts and many more. In 2004 an opportunity presented itself and Snowbiz Inc was purchased by an area construction firm. From 2005-2011 Jason returned to that same snow management company he started at due to the enjoyment of being in the snow and ice management industry. 

Besides Jason’s other endeavors he restarted a commercial Snow business once again during 2020 with a new mindset. Jason believes that a smaller “boutique” type snow management company that can efficiently service medium to large high end commercial properties is still needed in the Chicagoland area. SV Enterprises only operates in or near its current home base of Dundee IL. Here we work for some of our neighbors, our own village, local businesses, customers of our beautiful, family friendly Santa’s Village amusement park and many more. 

We DO NOT use any subcontractors, we work in our community and our neighboring communities. We do not run hundreds of pieces of equipment or use temporary labor. The employees you will see during snow events are the same folks you see working at Santa’s Village year around. We own dozens of pieces of newer equipment that is the most efficient in the marketplace. The use of highly efficient newer equipment and utilizing our own staff, allows us to service our customers in a more professional manner. 

If certain weather conditions occur some contractors who utilize subcontractors will opt to just salt your property with massive amounts of rock salt. Here at SV Enterprises, utilizing our full time staff, we simply plow lesser amounts of snow, if applicable, and use much less rock salt or better yet liquid deicing chemicals. Again, by doing this it allows us to be as environmentally friendly as possible during our sometimes active and harsh winters

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Our Team

Our offices are staffed 24/7 during all storms and
an Operations Manager is always available 24/7/365

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